RME Global Services

"Superior First Aid and Fire Training"

Who we are and what we provide?

RME Global Services Pty Ltd has relationships with some of the most renowned RTOs in Australia to provide exceptional first aid, fire and evacuation training. All our trainers have many years of experience and come from professional backgrounds ranging from The Australian Defence Force, Emergency Services or our Health Services. They deliver this training with passion and enthusiasm to ensure our students remain engaged throughout each course.

We also supply huge range of first aid kits, medical supplies, Automated External Defibrillators and many other accessories to meet the need of our clients.

Our organisation has found itself in a very unique position. We are lucky enough to be distributors for some incredible companies that manufacture products specifically for the Health and Safety Industry. All-Glo whose products simply need to be seen to be believed. The latest in illumination technology applied to emergency signage, nurse call points, fire extinguishers and many other areas, and Survival Emergency Solutions, who provide some of the best first aid kits money can buy.